I am Dada Docot, a diasporic Filipino anthropologist of the hometown and abroad. My academic journey has so far taken me from Manila, to Osaka, Tokyo, Vancouver, Oxford, Shanghai, and Indiana. I am currently an assistant professor of anthropology in the Department of Anthropology at Purdue University. On this journey abroad, my roots remained firmly grounded in my hometown, a riverine and agricultural town in the Bicol region, Philippines, called by its residents the “Town of Dollars,” owing to the historical mobilities of the town’s young men when the United States started recruiting Filipinos to their navy in 1901. Anthropologies of the Hometown and Abroad┬áis a path-in-progress, a non-laboratory, a gathering of sorts for my work/collaborations, a home for sari-sari ethnography, a public archive, a nest of birds of the same feather and flight, stage that lifts up students’ works centered on lives in the hometown/abroad, a reading list, a seed germinated amid the 2020 pandemic.

The paper plane is an ode to our dreamy and playful selves.

Forthcoming: Lectures and Reading List on Anthropologies of the Hometown & Abroad